Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The beginning, or the end, or whatever.

How to fit a guitar in my backpack?

First post= I'm supposed to talk all about myself.... but all I am is an ego.  My accomplishments mean nothing in comparison to the spiritual journey I have continued to embark on my entire life.  Filled with questions from the day I was born, "why" has always been my favorite word.  You could say, I am currently very deeply fascinated with the world of Buddhism  and Hinduism.   Anyways, I digress.  Since this writing is only a material subject, I will speak only briefly about who I am and what this supercalafragelisticexpialidocious?  shit... I probably spelled that wrong.  anyways, I will briefly tell you about "me" so "you" know who "you" are dealing with.  Hopefully it will be enough for you to move onto another blog, and I wont have to worry about continuing to post here as I am lazy, and I much prefer a pencil and paper when I need to jot thoughts.  I am 27 or 28 or something, I can't really remember.  I am a male.  My name is Timothy, like the angel.  LOL.  You gotta love the LOL overuse today by the way... it is completely ridiculous.  Anyways, as you can already see, my mind ventures and is constantly thinking.  Luckily I am not the best at typing so it should slow me down to an understandable level.  Now onto my work, what I do, what they say "defines ME"... once again, me only being an object of matter, material, accomplishments, failures, regrets, STUFF, etc.  Not truly defining my soul... if I have one?  I am a paramedic, and have been for 9 years.  I have worked the streets in some sketchy neighborhoods, worked my way up to become a union firefighter/paramedic, then had a quarter life crisis of sorts including a super awesome divorce, and decided to quit it all.  This was the period I like to say, I started chasing the sunset.  Obviously, I came back to the "real world" (if you really believe this is the real world) after some spiritual searching, and I went back to the streets as a medic, continuing to bear witness to horrible human suffering.  I worked my way up again, and got into flight medicine, becoming a flight paramedic on a helicopter in Arizona.  Helicopters suck by the way.  They are small, hot, they crash a lot, and they are expensive as hell.  I attained a lot of learn-ed magical powers while I was a critical care flight paramedic; such as, how to play into customer service, how to smile when I saw somebody being treated improperly in a sending facility, because retention of future business means retention of a paycheck... immoral? I dunno... I always fixed what needed to be fixed and took them where they needed to go.  Oh, and I did learn a ton about labaratory value analysis, ventilator management, physiology and its relation to altitude, and have vastly expanded my knowledge of pharmacology.  Another thing I learned when I became a flight medic was I am really good at what I do.  I don't like compliments, nor do I receive them well, but ok.  To every person who told me I am the best they've seen at what I do... thanks, I guess... you have fed my ego well o' wise ones.  Anyways, I currently work on a worldwide air ambulance, frequenting all areas of the world onboard a private jet, staying in schwaggy hotels, riding in sweet pimped out town cars, eating like a fat kid, oh yeah, and providing a last hope to so many.  I truly love my job and what I do.  As a paramedic I am in a very rare line of work, and feel blessed to do the job I do.  I have gone from just delivering people to the closest hospital, to delivering them to the closest most appropriate hospital, to now taking people to the most appropriate facility based on their needs as well as their family needs.  This can be as simple as taking a little old lady back near her children to die, or taking a dying 3 y.o. girl to her last hope for treatment at a specialized facility anywhere in the world.  I like to say, I have finally found a job that I get to be a part of providing hope.  Hope is the most powerful medicine for the human soul, whether living or dead.    The details of my material life are extensive, and non-essential to this blog or "me".  "I" am "me", always will be, and never was.  I've decided to stop packing a large suitcase with more clothes than I need when I travel for a week for work.  Luckily I got a SweeT backpack!  Time to pack, hitting the road tomorrow.  -Peace, Love, and Cheetos Grease

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