Monday, April 29, 2013

Touch the world, it touches back.

I haven't written in here in quite a while, as I have found myself recently occupied with other things including a woman, a child, a motorcycle, and a farm.  Still traveling around the world providing hope for one family at a time weekly.  I guess what prompted me to write today was... the clouds.  Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt so connected to the world, the real world?  I am talking about the world we all live in; the planet, nature, the beauty of everything around us that we continue to increasingly overlook as time passes.  My entire life, I have done this.  It is so easy to become caught up in our beliefs of what is important in this world.  Move fast, make money, consume STUFF, etc. etc.  If you are even still reading this, then I assume you can fill in the etc. portion endlessly.  When is the last time you sat in the grass?  When is the last time you stared at the clouds, relaxed, soaked up sunlight, or even better, soaked up raindrops?  I dare you after reading this blog entry to go outside, regardless of the weather; go outside and soak up the sun, touch nature, feel the world that is all around you.  We people are so miniscule in comparison to our scientific understanding of the universe, and yet we are so filled with this sense of ego, this idea that if we just make that extra money, or go on that vacation, or marry that person, our world will become better.  If you feel the actions you perform in your lifetime, the words you speak, the art you produce, or the souls you touch, will be immortalized in some way, you are awesome, and please contribute in a positive manner to our younger generation, urge them to see beyond the smartphone or beyond the computer!  You want to know what is more awesome?  Go outside.  The world around us, doesn't speak nonsense, doesn't lie, or deceive, doesn't manipluate or implant fear, it doesn't destroy itself, it doesn't damage everything around it, it all is a part of a greater symphony than any one of us could compose in a lifetime.  Turn off your cell phone, get off the computer, stop speaking so much, and just go enjoy the world that has been put here for us.  I understand, a part of living in this world is making money, and fitting into the society we live in.  I am simply urging you to take some time daily to look at the world through the eyes of a child.  I know you remember being a child, going outside, playing in the grass, climbing trees, swimming, flying kites, etc.  The world is being forgotten as we forge our new future and our new found envious and devious personas through virtual social networking.  Remember, usually the harder thing to do, and the right thing, are the same.       
Thank you for reading, and please pass it on.  Touch the world.  It touches back.


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