Thursday, August 8, 2013

Don't read this

If you are reading this, then you don't do what everybody tells you to do.  I think we might get along. Anyways this is a random blog post mostly to entertain my idea that somebody out there is listening. I'm currently looking out the window of a Learjet cruising at 41,000' moving pretty fast too. My overall perception of the planet we call home has dramatically  changed over the course of the last two years. Traveling a couple thousand miles per day has become normal, but that isn't the biggest personal change I have experienced. Yes, the world has become much smaller in my mind, and yes I enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, however there is something that happens to, well, at least my brain, with the constant change of scenery, culture, food, temperature, times, beds, people, and anything else you can possibly fathom. As I travel to and fro experiencing all of these things I am noticing the person I once thought I was being broken down, or pulled apart.  Almost as if I was once a puzzle with pieces being placed daily, painting a picture of the guy I was becoming, to my current state, which can only be described as an exponentially expanding collage. There are still parts of the puzzle left, but as more is added to the overall picture, the puzzle is becoming less noticeable. It is strange being plugged into multiple cultures over the course of only 24 hours. For instance, a conversation in NYC will be quick, informative, and to the point, no matter who or why you are conversing.  Then only a few hours later you can attempt to carry the same conversation with a person in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.... But it will almost always involve some sort of cultural process of empathy or nosiness, depending on your personal ideas on reasoning human interaction. None the less, I am experiencing a lot. I have always had a strong belief: that which does not kill me will make me stronger. I still hold onto this saying and appreciate it daily. I am not saying by any means I am physically dying, but I will say the psychological aspect of understanding life that I once understood is becoming convoluted as I continue to absorb everything described above. Life is funny. We all want, almost need, to feel we are creating a lasting impression somewhere in the world.  The problem I see with this is the majority's understanding of "somewhere" is primarily a physical understanding of a location, or group of people.  Anyways, shutting the thinker off for now. Back to a mindless game to pass a few more hours. One more thing before I go. People keep telling me to live for myself. If anybody can give me advice on how this is possible I'll gladly hear it, but probably won't listen.  Peace.

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