Saturday, August 10, 2013

Missin her

She gave me more than she'll ever know. I never let her see it when she needed it. I guess I'm pretty selfish.  Luckily I'm given an amazing thing to pay my penance with... My job. I won't make the mistake of taking things that are a blessing in my life for granted ever again. Ahhh... Who am I kidding? I will continue to mess up.  All I can do is remember to be a better man in respect for the things she showed me.  Love is real.  You become truly aware of love when it's lost, because it survives somewhere in everything you do.

So here I go, moving forward, and never forgetting the breath I was given with the last forward stride.

Life is amazingly beautiful. We survive the deepest pains, and are filled with hope when we believe all hope is gone.

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