Monday, August 19, 2013

NSA PRISM Government Spying Carnivore

With all of the recent hype in the media about the NSA and their PRISM program, I feel inclined to add more to the garbage perpetuated on the internet. First, I must say, if you are new to the thought or idea that the US government is spying on people on the internet you are a bit naive. I do believe that in recent years with our significant social aspect on the web and the rise of the smart phone, more information than ever before is becoming available to those smart enough, rich enough, and willing enough, to gather that information. If you are in any way "connected" to the world we currently live in, then you are probably a victim of some sort of invasion of privacy. The days of privacy are history in my opinion. As long as you expect to survive in the world as it is, and continues to become, you are forced to be "plugged in". Social paranoia has plagued me for years, but in the most recent years I have felt an increase in my angst and anxieties associated with the thoughts that people are following me, and know my every move. I remind myself daily, I am a nobody, and do nothing to hurt others, so there is no need for the anxiety associated with the paranoia, however with my inability to reduce my situational awareness, I feel anxiety every place I go. The bottom line is, if the government, or any large entity for that matter, wants to collect information on you, they will. Attempts at running from it, or hiding from it, are futile. As I mentioned before, being "plugged in" has become a necessity of survival in the US. The only bit of advice I would have to offer to anybody listening is, don't let it ruin your day, don't hurt others, and don't keep secrets online you are afraid others will find out. In other words, be yourself. I will be myself when I say, I love porn... probably too much. Since my earlier entry about discovering the depths of Craigslist personals, I have also found myself addicted to the thought that I can have any sexual experience in the world. A big problem that may arise from the information being collected is when there is no line drawn between what a person does online vs. what they do when they are with another person. When the separation of thought and actual physical truth disappears we all will need to think about standing up for our civil rights, but until then we should be okay with the idea somebody is watching over us. Remember, we are all broken, and imperfect, it's about time we all come to the realization that others are aware of our imperfections. I recommend any person that is online doing things they don't want others to know about to stop immediately, although, it is probably too late anyways. Some people seem to be afraid of the fact their information is being accessed and collected; or the thought that profiles are being generated on each individual including everything from your birthday, to every picture of you online or on a mobile device, to your hobbies, and literally ANYTHING else you can imagine. I think it is liberating and will eventually reset us all back to the carnal creatures we are. I believe it will bring about a change in society that will include more genuine honesty and less deception. The glass is half full, or half empty. Your thoughts are now, and always, your choice. All we can do as US citizens is hope the government we have put in place is here to protect us, and to do the right thing when faced with adversity. -Cheers... Tim

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