Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where am "I"?

Sitting at the "stockyards" of fort worth, Texas.  I am very confused as I look around and see so many people infatuated with the fact that here in Texas they slaughter more cows than anywhere else in the world.  The stockyards is an area I personally don't find happiness. If there is happiness within the confines of raising and killing animals, I don't seem to get it. Oh well.  It is my reality, I'm just trying to figure it out. Now I await the delivery of my mushroom pizza after watching the rest of my crew devour some very tasty looking portions of beef soaked in barbecue sauce.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sweet blogger app

I finally found an easier way to blog... A little patience and some meditation, and the world is becoming much easier to live in.

Simply nothing

Starting to get back into my zazen practice and reading I have found far less clarity, and yet an understanding I didn't know I remembered. Sitting still, allowing what is and what isn't to come to the forefront of my limited understanding, I have realized absolutely nothing.  In this nothing I have found nothing, but everything seems to be involved in it more deeply than when I allow myself to become Tim... This makes no sense to anybody who reads it, and it makes no sense to what I understand as me, but it just is. Isolation is merely a blindfold and a blindfold is isolation.  I enjoy the opposite as much as the opposite enjoys me, as much as I enjoy the same and the same enjoys me.