Thursday, May 29, 2014


My life has become this almost epic journey since listening to my inner self. Learning to let go and press on has taught me more than I can express, and I continue along this path letting the universe be my guide. There are no answers worth pondering if they will leave me with more questions. The cerebral focus diminishes as I fine tune the connection of my soul and body. The entire planet is becoming this singular aspect of recognition in my existence, and I am coming to realize my sole purpose here is to experience the love the world provides, and in turn exuberantly show my gratitude and love as a direct reflection of what I am lucky enough to experience. The transformation from within is transforming the entire planet before my eyes. Never before have I understood so much and felt so content with not knowing the things I once pondered. This ride that is life is the quintessential aspect of what we are all intended to do, and I would like to say thank you to the universe for showing me the way. I love you all as you are and I see the light in all of you. The world is changing, simply because I am intending it to do just that. Namaste. 

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